• Image of Eating Roses for Dinner - Poems by Musa Okwonga (2006-2015)

A 136-page collection drawn from the first 10 years of Musa Okwonga's poetry, touching upon themes as diverse as love, family, football, politics, technology and war. With a foreword by Scroobius Pip, and a signed dedication from the author.

Ed Sheeran, musician:
"I’ve known Musa for many years and I’ve always found him a very honest, poignant wordsmith. He writes from the heart with no filter, and that’s what the best lyricists do. I’m a fan."

Kate Tempest, poet, playwright and musician:
“Musa is precise and all-encompassing in the same line. His poetry is intimate and erudite, passionate and beautiful.”

Cerys Matthews, musician and broadcaster:
“From the first time I heard Musa’s work, at a launch event in Old Street, I found it to be lyrical, heartfelt and compelling, and I have enjoyed collaborating with him since then. His work is warm, engaging and reflective, and I hope you enjoy this collection.”